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Former government employees are crying foul, claiming that apart from not having been informed about the programme, the 2 September 1998 date defies the very purpose of the resolution passed by the PSCBC, as that would mean that precisely those former government employees that have suffered at the hand of apartheid and its vicious spin-offs would not receive anything.

Thousands of disgruntled and affected teachers, health workers, police officers, members of the navy, soldiers and government workers in all state departments have now decided to raise their voices. The Civil Servants Pension Redress Movement (CSPRM) was constituted in Swellendam on 23 May 2019 with an interim executive to address this matter at the highest possible level. Within one and a half months the CSPRM has established its footprint in all nine provinces of the country and Namibia!

The CSPRM endeavours to have this unacceptable state of affairs corrected and has adopted some earth-shattering resolutions during its inaugural national convention during October 2019.

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CSPRM Management

National Chairperson - Mr. Stephen Sass  |  066 039 5350

National Deputy Chairperson - Mr. Paul Fisher |  +264 811 294 425

National Treasurer - Mr. Eldred Fray  |  083 275 0704

General Secretary - Bernard Wentzel   |  076 748 4767

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